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    Power supplies since 1982. World’s first switch
    mode charger for mobile phones in 1988.
    World’s largest manufacturer of power
    supplies in low to medium power ranges.
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    A trusted partner for leading global customers.
    Systematic processes yielding promised results.
    Focus on automation and constant improvement.

  • darkblurbg
    A trusted partner for leading global customers.
    Systematic processes yielding promised results.
    Focus on automation and constant improvement.



Salcomp develops and manufactures adapters for mobile phones and other electronic devices. We are the market leader in smartphone and tablet chargers, and our main customers include the major smartphone and tablet manufacturers. Salcomp also delivers power adapters for notebooks, gateways, routers, set-top-boxes, lighting and other electronic applications.​

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from CEO

Happy Birthday Salcomp!

Year 2018 marks Salcomp’s 45th Anniversary. It all started for us in Salo, Finland on 15 May 1973 when the Salcomp Oy was established, as a subsidiary of Salora Oy, a leading TV and radio maker in Finland at the time . Our journey has been long and colorful.

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In order to continuously improve our response speed to our Korea based customers’ requests and offer them higher technical services locally, Salcomp has decided to set up a dedicated R&D Center in Bundang, Seoul.

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Salcomp recognizes that a company’s business can only be sustainable if the company – in addition to being profitable – is also environmentally and socially responsible. Our Code of Conduct describes the framework how we promote sustainability in our every day work.

Read our Sustainability Report 2016.

  • “Responsible operations at Salcomp are based on compliance with both international and national laws and regulations, and on respect for international human rights and employees’ rights. We have a Group-wide Code of Conduct that lays down ethical operating methods and principles in compliance with good business practice. ”

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  • “Professional, motivated and skilled personnel who are committed to the company goals are a significant factor in the success of Salcomp’s business. At Salcomp, human resources management is based on the Group’s strategy, targets, human resources policy and performance reviews, as well as on interaction at different levels. The objective of human resources management is to create a basis for performance, to secure resources and to guide activities in order to achieve our goals.”

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  • “ Salcomp aims to develop both its products and operations to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We focus both on improving the energy efficiency of chargers and on reducing stand-by consumption. In addition, we place emphasis on improving the efficiency of our production facilities and operations. We extend environmental thinking in product life-cycle management.”

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Chennai (India)
Manufacturing, sourcing, customer service
Manaus (Brazil)
Manufacturing, sourcing
Salo (Finland)
Headquarters, customer service, R&D
São Paulo (Brazil)
Sales, customer service
Taipei (Taiwan)
Sales, customer service, R&D
Seoul (South Korea)
Sales, customer service
Campbell (USA)
Customer service
Tokyo (Japan)
Sales, customer service
Noida (India)
Sales, customer service
Guigang (China)
Shenzhen (China)
Manufacturing, sales, customer service, R&D, sourcing

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