Professional, motivated and skilled personnel who are committed to the company goals are a significant factor in the success of Salcomp’s business.

 At Salcomp, human resources management is based on the Group’s strategy, targets, human resources policy and performance reviews, as well as on interaction at different levels. The objective of human resources management is to create a basis for performance, to secure resources and to guide activities in order to achieve our goals.

 We use regular global Employee Engagement Surveys to monitor and systemically develop our activities and processes. Our goal is motivated and engaged personnel.

 The basis for Salcomp’s operations is fair treatment for all. Gender, age, beliefs or family policy factors bear no influence on remuneration, incentives, reorganizations, training, recruitment or other factors. These principles are also included in the Code of Conduct, as well as in the human resources policy.

 Global operations, cultural diversity and the large number of personnel create challenges for Salcomp’s human resources management. In addition to observing the generally agreed rules, local laws, statutes and current agreements, we want to enhance and act according to our own company culture – the Salcomp way of working.

 Our internal Corporate Social Responsibility activities are focused on sharing information on various issues or improving the Salcomp Spirit through leisure activities. We regularly arrange personnel events focused on different themes: family days, solidarity campaigns to raise funds for charity, further improving knowledge in specific issues, such as health, or bringing personnel together through sports. Salcomp’s CSR activities cover all of the company’s sites.

You can also read more in our Salcomp’s Labor, Human Rights and Ethics Policy Statement.(PDF)

Examples of internal CSR activities at Salcomp sites:
Cases in China

Salcomp arranged a Girls’ Day that featured activities to promote the know-how and work satisfaction of girls.
In order to enrich the leisure time of its employees, Salcomp organized a Collective Day, which included a tour of Happy Valley in Shenzhen for all employees.

Cases in Brazil

A social worker and psychologist to support employees: employees are offered the opportunity to talk with a social worker or psychologist to help deal with their work-related or personal problems.
Sponsoring sports initiatives: Salcomp supports various sports activities.
In 2011, the women’s soccer team was the champion in the local SESI games.

Cases in India

Safety awareness was improved on National Safety Day through various activities, for example posters, quizzes, drawings and a safety slogan competition.
At Salcomp’s Sports Fest, individual and team games were held for all Salcomp employees. The event included volleyball, throw ball, kho kho, tennikoit, running race, shot put and skipping and more.
In the Premier League 2011-2012, Salcomp’s Rockers team took the championship in the Cricket tournament.