Salcomp manufactures chargers and adapters for feature phones, smartphones, tablets, notebooks, set-top-boxes, gateways, routers, lighting and for other electronic applications.

Customized products

  Salcomp’s customized products are tailored to the needs of the customers. They are normally manufactured in large volumes and developed in co-operation with the customer. The majority of Salcomp’s production is based on customized products. Typically, several variants are produced within one product family for different markets demanding different plugs. One product family, however, is normally designed to function with several phone or tablet models. Customized products may be constructed from the very beginning or, alternatively, Salcomp’s technically flexible product platforms can be tailored to fulfill the customer’s requirements.

Platform products

  Our platform products are specified and developed by us. They consist of technologically flexible and safety-approved chargers and adapters that can be tailored to the special requirements of the customer. The platform products are cost-effective and give our customers fast access to the market with their new products. Salcomp’s platform products, within a power range of 3 to 120 W, are available for various electronic applications and with several different plug versions. See our products.

Wireless charging solutions

  Wireless charging solutions, consisting of a charging pad or a docking station and a power adapter with a cable, are based on the Qi standard issued by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), which Salcomp is a member of. Salcomp’s wireless charging solution platforms fulfill all safety and efficiency requirements and can be tailored according to different form factors as specified by the customer. See our products.

LED drivers

  LED driver platforms are specified and developed by Salcomp. They fulfill the safety and EMC requirements set for LED drivers and can be tailored to meet each customer’s specifications. See our products.