Sustainability is an integral part of Salcomp’s corporate identity. Managing sustainability is a corporate-wide initiative.

One of the visible steps we take is compile a Sustainability Report every year. The first report we published covered the year 2016, and with our latest report we continue with the same reporting principles: we open our 2018 activities, as well as the targets for 2019. In the report, you can read more about our performance in taking care of the environment, social issues and employee satisfaction, human rights, anti-corruption and anti-bribery, suppliers, and partners.

Sustainability Report 2019 is available for everyone as an online version.

I hope the report will provide you with useful information. As we aim to further develop our sustainability reporting, all feedback and comments are welcome.

Markku Hangasjärvi

President & CEO, Salcomp Plc

Sustainability Report 2018 is available