We are always evaluating which technologies and business segments are the most appealing for us as leading company within the power supplies industry. As a result, we have updated our vision statement to emphasize the importance of identifying growth opportunities both within adapters and chargers and beyond. Other power supplies and power related solutions includes new segments such as embedded power supplies, wireless charging and battery packs. Our new vision statement is:

“We become No. 1 in global adapter and charger markets and a leading company in other power supplies and power related solutions” 

This year we also decided to modify our mission statement by adding one word “smart”. The main reason for adding “smart” to our mission statement is to better reflect the new opportunities beyond mobile phones, tablets and notebooks. Our new mission statement is:

We power the smart world by providing the most innovative and highest quality power supplies and power related solutions”

Our updated mission together with our new slogan “Powering the smart world” is now addressing both our current and rapidly growing new business segments, for example power supplies and power related solutions for smart home and wearable devices. Entering the new business segments will expand the scope of our operations both in terms of customers but also possibly in terms of products we will offer in the future. These new untapped opportunities will allow us to maximize the value of our existing assets and drive our future growth. As a market leader and global No. 1 in mobile phone chargers and as No. 3 in all adapters and chargers, Salcomp is built on a strong foundation that will continue to provide us several competitive advantages against our competition.

I hope this CEO blog gives all of you a clear idea where we are heading and aspiration that is far greater than where we are today. Our target is to grow Salcomp’s annual revenue to exceed USD 1 billion over the next three years.

Best regards,

Markku Hangasjärvi
President and CEO
Salcomp Plc

Salcomp strategy 2018-20 calls for smarter growth